Enjoy a Zambezi River Sunset Cruise in Livingstone Zambia

Livingstone is one African destination that boasts some of nature’s most breathtaking scenery and is ideal for tourists looking for adventure in picturesque surroundings.
Its star attraction is undoubtedly Victoria Falls; however, a Sunset Cruise on the Zambezi River tops off your trip perfectly by offering one of Livingstone’s most memorable experiences. As you ride along this majestic river surrounded by nature’s beauty, revel in peace as you witness an uninterrupted sunset unfolding before your eyes – it’ll leave you amazed!

You can select from various package options starting from day trips to fishing expeditions all through to night cruises complete with live music shows and delicious barbecued dinners; departing mostly from Royal Livingstone Express Jetty, guests are treated to panoramic views that are sure to imprint themselves onto your memory forever.

For connoisseurs seeking scenic locations for witnessing amazing sunsets, look no further than the picturesque Zambezi River, which provides one of the best locations to do so, especially when combined with Victoria Falls. Consider taking a sunset cruise for a truly unforgettable experience while visiting the Zambia Zambezi River area. Alongside an experienced guide providing fascinating insights into its wildlife and history throughout your trip, this excursion offers stunning views and plenty of opportunities for spotting local fauna.

Wildlife abounds by the riverside! On these cruises, at dusk or dawn, chances are high that hippos (which can normally stay submerged underwater for up to six minutes), crocodiles (who can speed up sharply when on land), or numerous species of birds will be among those who keep you company as it gets darker! Keep your eyes peeled, too, for other creatures like vervet monkeys, baboons, and bushbuck- perhaps even congregating to glimpse the passing boats.

Typically lasting between one and two hours, sunset cruises are understandably popular. You should book ahead to secure your spot, as they fill up quickly.

Prices start at U$30 per person for these cruises but offer various packages, including drinks, snacks, or dinner. Sunset cruises offer something special for everyone making them ideal for couples and families with young children. Revel in breathtaking views while observing various wildlife – an experience not to be missed when exploring Livingstone! As far as adventures go, the Zambezi River Sunset Cruise is truly unforgettable and lodges itself in your memory permanently.

If this piques your curiosity during your trip to Livingstone Zambia, don’t hesitate – to book now and get ready to embark on a unique African voyage.