Baines Camp

Nestled within a serene grove of trees and surrounded by enchanting papyrus beds, Sanctuary Baines’ Camp beckons you to a world of natural wonder. Perched on elevated platforms high above the majestic Boro River, this remarkable camp resides in a private concession that borders the renowned Moremi Game Reserve. Committed to sustainability and community involvement, we proudly engaged the local community in Maun to collect and recycle cans, with a fee paid for each one. These cans, ingeniously repurposed, form the very foundation of our camp’s structures. Moreover, Baines’ Camp stands as one of the rarest of gems, offering you the exclusive opportunity to embark on captivating walks alongside magnificent elephants.

Step into a haven of understated luxury, as Baines’ Camp pays homage to the illustrious 19th-century explorer and artist, Thomas Baines. Our smallest camp within the esteemed Sanctuary portfolio, it features just five meticulously crafted suites. Committed to eco-friendliness, our property is constructed using sustainably sourced, commercially grown wood. However, what truly sets Baines’ Camp apart is the incorporation of over 150,000 recycled aluminum cans into the walls, providing both insulation and an embodiment of our dedication to responsible practices. Elevated above the gentle waters of the Boro River, the camp invites you to traverse wooden walkways, connecting the main areas to the lap of luxury within the rooms. Indulge in moments of relaxation on the wide wooden deck encircling the main dining and sitting room, offering an idyllic vantage point to observe the diverse wildlife that thrives in this captivating setting. Witness the graceful wallowing of hippos at the lagoon’s edge, or marvel at the presence of the numerous elephants that call this area their home.

Renowned for its remarkable population of big cats and captivating birdlife, the Okavango Delta stands as a peaceful sanctuary, a haven where animals have thrived for decades, assured of their undisturbed existence. At Baines’ Camp, you are bestowed with the privilege of encountering these extraordinary creatures up close, accompanied by our expert guides, during morning and evening game drives in our open 4×4 vehicles. The enchantment continues under the starry sky as you embark on a mesmerizing night game drive, granting you a glimpse of the elusive nocturnal creatures that grace this remarkable ecosystem. Our concession proudly boasts a rich tapestry of landscapes, where desert, dry savannah, lagoons, and swamps seamlessly coexist in close proximity. During periods of higher water levels, our game drives effortlessly transition into captivating motorized boating excursions, offering a unique perspective of this breathtaking region. (Please note that the availability of night drives depends on seasonal water levels.)

Unleash your inner explorer and embark on captivating walking safaris, where you learn the art of tracking and following even the most elusive inhabitants of the Okavango. Nestled within our private concession, this extraordinary opportunity allows you to venture on foot, in perfect safety and proximity, guided by our experienced experts. While maintaining a respectful distance from these majestic creatures, you will gain invaluable insights, adopting their perspective and experiencing the bush at their level. This immersive and educational adventure is certain to ignite your sense of wonder and leave an indelible mark on your soul.