3-Day Damaraland and Twyfelfontein Exploration





Twyfelfontein, meaning “doubtful fountain” or “Fountain of Doubt,” is a valley nestled in the Damara highland, about 70 km to the west of Khorixas. The native Damara people affectionately call this valley Uri-Ais, which translates to “jumping fountain” in their language. Back in 1947, white farmers settled in this valley, but the fountain’s sporadic water supply led to their eventual departure. The farms were abandoned, especially with the implementation of the Odendaal plan in 1964, which involved the relocation of Namibia’s local population to designated “Homelands.”


Damaraland is a breathtaking region in Namibia, boasting unparalleled natural beauty and wild landscapes that enthrall the adventurous traveler. It’s a land of ancient water pathways, vast plains, rocky granite hills, and deep gorges. As you venture westward, the scenery transforms dramatically into seemingly endless sandy deserts. Astonishingly, these arid lands sustain small yet resilient populations of desert-adapted elephants, black rhinos, giraffes, ostriches, and springboks. These incredible creatures have adapted their ways to survive the challenges of scorching sun and scarce water. Watch as elephants traverse euphorbia bush country, journeying up to 70km in a day foraging for food and water without harming the trees. Explore the Damaraland ‘melkbos’ terrain and witness the journey of a black rhino cow and her calf. Together, Damaraland and Kaokoland are celebrated as the magnificent Kaokoveld.

**Day 1: Damaraland Adventure at Damara Mopane Lodge**

Your journey kicks off with a pick-up between 09:00 and 10:30. We’ll start our day traveling north along B1, passing through picturesque farmlands and quaint towns like Outjo and Khorixas. The morning unfolds with a visit to the captivating Damara Living Museum, followed by the stunning Organ Pipes, the ancient Petrified Forest, and fascinating Rock Engravings and petroglyphs. The day concludes with a beautiful sundowner at Damara Mopane Lodge.

**Day 2: Discovering Twyfelfontein at Twyfelfontein Country Lodge**

Rise early on the second day for an adventure through the vast, untouched landscapes of Damaraland. We’ll head out on the C19 road towards Twyfelfontein Country Lodge, surrounded by Namibia’s breathtaking scenery. The region is renowned for its incredible desert-adapted elephants. You’ll have the chance to traverse ephemeral rivers and expansive plains in search of these majestic creatures that have mastered survival in the rugged desert. The activity duration will depend on how close the elephants are to the lodge since they roam freely in this wilderness. The day ends at Twyfelfontein Country Lodge, adding more to the adventure.

**Day 3: Return to Windhoek**

We’ll start our journey back to Windhoek, traveling via the C36 road and passing through charming towns like Omaruru and Okahandja. During this journey, we’ll stop at Okahandja, known for housing Namibia’s largest wood carving market. It’s a perfect opportunity to grab some authentic Namibian souvenirs. We’ll reach Windhoek in the afternoon, where we’ll drop you off at your accommodation.

– Entrance fees
– The itinerary includes the following activities

– Within Windhoek city limits for pick-up and drop-off

– Hotel accommodations

– Liability for passengers

– Lunch, dinner, and breakfast

– Onboard drinking water

– WiFi is free

– AC-equipped SUV for full-time use

– Driver/Guide who is English-speaking


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